Jitsi-meet-torture not working with pre-join page


I have installed Jitsi-meet-torture. After running it does not seem to be joining my Jitsi self hosted installation. The only difference is that I have a pre-join page. Would that be a problem?

Has anybody gotten it running with pre-join page. If yes, it will be great to know the changes needed


What version do you have in your deployment? We moved the setting and torture got adjusted.

There was a PR fixing that, which was merged 2 days ago. Can you try with the latest torture? Do you still see a problem?
How is prejoin enabled in your config.js?

Hello @saghul @damencho thanks for quick reply.
I am on tip of master branch and I see just yesterday a fix was pushed for prejoin page. But jits-meet-torture still does not join my conference. But if I disable prejoin page then jits-meet-torture participants are joining the conference.

I have enabled prejoin page by appending config.prejoinPageEnabled = ‘true’ at the end of config.js. Therefore my config.js has two places where config.prejoinPageEnabled is defined.

At the beginning where the value is config.prejoinPageEnabled = ‘false’

and in the end where the value is config.prejoinPageEnabled = ‘true’

    // Configs for prejoin page.
    // prejoinConfig: {
    //     // When 'true', it shows an intermediate page before joining, where the user can configure their devices.
    //     // This replaces `prejoinPageEnabled`.
    //     enabled: true,

Maybe try commenting prejoinPageEnabled and use prejoinConfig and see how it goes ?

thanks @gpatel-fr . My reason to set prejoinPageEnable this way has to do with some automation. I am hoping that should not stop jitsi-meet-torture from running the preJoinTest.

Btw. I have just started using jitsi-meet-torture and am still learning it. My setup consists of selenium hub and nodes hosted in a data center. I run scripts/malleus.sh. Does this also run preJoinTest?

no idea. This is a dev tool; not something widely used.

I have never used it, but you can see in the source that by default it runs only one test:

if [ -z "$MALLEUS_TESTS_TO_RUN" ]; then

I assume that it is dedicated to load testing.