Jitsi-meet-torture for latest version of Jiti

Hello JItsi Community,

To my knowledge Jitsi-meet-torture only support testing on an older version of jitsi. As there are many changes in the UI in the latest version, test cases fail for not finding elements. Is there any branch on our repo that supports testing on the latest version of jitsi?

Thank you all for your great work in building jitsi.

It is the other way around.

If you are using master it can test master from jitsi-meet.
Which version of jitsi-meet are you trying to test?

There are tags in torture project to be able to match older versions.

I am really sorry for this blunder. I happened to have been using different a very old torture repo while having “docker-jitsi-meet-stable-5142-4” jitsi-meet.

Thank you once again.