Jitsi meet torture error - failed to access camera

I am performing load testing on Jitsi setup which is deployed on AWS instance. I need to do the load testing for more than 50 participants with audio and video enabled for all participants. While load testing of Jitsi setup, I am not able to open camera. I am using jitsi meet torture for load testing. It shows the error

Failed to access camera

Although audio appears working and its icon can be checked unchecked in the chrome instances which are opened during load testing but video icon is disabled and it can not be clicked.

I passed following attributes with the command

./scripts/malleus.sh --conferences=1 --participants=8 --room-name-prefix=hamertesting --hub-url=http:/localhost:4444/wd/hub --instance-url=https://my.jitsiinstance.com

But I am getting failed to access camera error for both ways.
Please help to solve the issue.
Thank You