Jitsi-meet-torture does not seem to work with Jitsi verion 2.0.7830

Hi, we have used Jitsi-meet-torture to test loads on our Jitsi installations. We upgraded to version 2.0.7830 yesterday and Torture stopped working. The simulated users cannot join the meetings. I guess something have chaged in the beginning, perhaps something changed with the “Join meeting” button.

Can anyone run it with the latest versions of Jitsi?


Yep, all builds as always pass torture while being built.
What version of torture are you using? Are you matching the correct version to your deployment?

You need to be using Release jitsi-meet_7830 · jitsi/jitsi-meet-torture · GitHub

Thanks, I did try but failed running it. I will do a new installation and try again.