Jitsi-Meet-Torture App Undefined Error and Increasing Logging

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone had any suggestions on increasing the logging levels when conducting malleus tests using jitsi-meet-torture as I am encountering a JavaScript APP undefined error that I am finding it difficult to debug. I have tried to use the -v=3 flag and the -log-level=3 flag in order to do so but this appears to be having no effect. Also, if anyone has encountered this issue when using jitsi-meet-torture, I’d appreciate any advice on how to resolve it.

I have been trying to use jitsi-meet-torture to test a version of jitsi-meet that uses a custom interface, created using lib-jitsi-meet. When running the malleus test, the browser starts before crashing a few seconds later, sometimes the video will show before the crash and at other times it won’t. However, running the same malleus script usingusing https://meet.jit.si/ as the instance-url or our own server works fine.

The error I receive when running the test is a javascript error stating that APP is not defined. I don’t believe this is a resource issue as I am using an AWS t3.xl instance to serve as the node.



jitsi-meet-torture is testing jitsi-meet and needs some globally accessed stuff from it, like APP.
You need to implement your own logic there or modify your app to have the needed objects and methods.

Hi Damencho, thanks for the quick response. Would you be able to offer some guidance on where I would need to make these changes and add the required logic?

Hi, I want to use jitsi-meet-torture for load testing by using a remote selenium-grid url. Is there any documentation on that to be able to run tests?