Jitsi meet tile view is not accurate



Hi @Team, Thanks for updating new tile view on jitsi meet.
We find one of the issue in tiles view, when it is initial page load tile view is working fine, and all participants videos are shown as tiles, when we click one of the tile for participant, participant video is expanded and showing as large video.
Now if we want tile view back it is not getting, Even Toggle tile view button also not responding.

@damencho Please help to fix the issue.



This is a known issue and we will work on fixing it soon. Thanks for the report.


Thanks @damencho , for quick response.
When it will be available for stable?


No idea. Nobody worked on it, it needs to be ready for unstable first, then meet.jit.si deployment and then stable, this is how normally happens.
Any PR and help will speed up the process.


@Brahmaiah_Cheeli Actually this is not a bug but how it works :slight_smile:
So you enter in tile view, if you select a participant, this means you want to see that person on large, so the UI switches to non-tileview showing that participant on stage, that participant is pinned (you can see the blue border around its thumbnail).

If you unpin the participant it will go back in tileview.

In that mode when selecting a participant and you move(temporary) from tile view to non-tileview with that participant on stage, the tile view button is still clicked (as this is a temporary switch) if you click the button you un-toggle tile view and unpinning the participant will not switch you back to tile view, that’s the reason you think the button doesn’t do anything, but it does.

Yep, it is a complicated explanation and it is a complicated user experience. Maybe its not the best one, but we can improve it in the future.