Jitsi-meet stop Audio and video when a 3trd participant jions

I can create a conference with no problems, when only are 2 participants, as soon when the 3rd participant joins automatically the the video and audio of the others 2 participants stops and are show as muted with no video.

I am deploying in AWS EC2 and all the required ports are open in the security group 4443 TCP and 10000-20000 UDP.

Also create the certificates and nginx configurations using jitsi-meet-config package, and generated the letsencrypt certificates.

The logs in jitsi-videovridge, jicofo and prosody show no errors and neither the browser console in the conference.

I do not know what is missing me, I reinstalled and checked a lot of posts and can not figure out the cause.
I will appreciate so much the help.


Check you JavaScript console. Your JVB may not be funcioning correctly.