Jitsi Meet Si - audio issues when participants join


Our developers have been using Jitsi Meet to collaborate during build sessions and have been running into what appears to be random instances of audio failure or non availability from one day to the next using both Firefox and Chrome.

Was wondering whether this is a known jitsi meet issue or a browser issue. We’ve tried changing browser settings and nothing works.

Communication is between India and US.



Are you talking about meet.jit.si or your hosted deployment?
Have you noticed any pattern with browsers, like Firefox is the one that doesn’t hear or is not heard?



yes https://meet.jit.si/. As i mentioned the communication is between the US and India with just two people on a time. It appears to be day related.Some days its perfect and others no audio at all no matter how many time we try over a 3-4 period, and doing a ctr F5 every once in a while to see if the changes the result. Ctr F5 works to clear up static but will not result in audio if audio did present on page opening.

It;s worked Firefox to Chrome and Chrome to Chrome as well as Firefox to Firefox. But days audio is not coming none of those combinations work.



On days with no audio, the microphone appears to operate with a single participant whether Firefox or Chrome. When a second user joins, the first user’s microphone does not work,
nor does the joining participant’s



Thank you for taking the time to respond Damencho. We found the issue --a faulty microphone on one end