Jitsi meet shows "Unfortunately, something went wrong ..." when 'authentication' of Prosody is set to "sql"


Jitsi Meest server is installed and running fine by default. And, I would like to integrate it with our customer database. So, I changed the ‘authentication’ in Prosody from ‘anonymous’ to ‘sql’, and customize mod_auth_sql according our database schema.

However, the Android Jitsi Meet app shows “Unfortunately, something went wrong …”.
The app will come back as long as I set ‘authentication’ back to ‘anonymous’.

I leave debug messages in mod_auth_sql, and am sure it’s doing the right job. It acts as a sasl handler, fetches account password from our database, and returns to its caller.

I am wondering that, this authentication implementation change is supposed to be internal at server-side, the android client is supposed to see no difference at its interfaces.

Does anybody has solution hints ? Appreciate any help, thanks !

Best Regards,

The mobile apps do support authentication (we use internal and jwt regularly). I wonder, however, if the SQL auth module is returning the right errors which the app expects in order to trigger authentication.

Do you have a puiblicly available server we could test against? (send me some credentials privately in that case).


Hi, Saghul,

Thanks for your kind help.

When I am preparing a publicly available server for your testing, I found that this issue did not show up at that server. There must be some missed differences made in my internal server. I will try to find it out. Thanks again for your help !

Best Regards,

Glad it’s working good for you!