Jitsi Meet session-id


I need information about session-ids in Jitsi Meet in general.
where are they created (which service, is it jicofo?)
how are they created (sufficient entropy?)
where are they stored (cookie)?

This information is really important for me.
Thank you very much in advance?


What do you mean by session id?

The session id for the user.
The unique identifier a user gets when he starts or is part of a conference.

This is a jid and is obtained on connection and authentication with the server, standard XMPP mechanisms. If you are using a secured deployment (username and password) the jids are the same based on the username.
When there is no authentication or jwt the jids are random for every user, everytime. This is how anonymous connection works with XMPP and that happens in the XMPP server - prosody.