Jitsi meet server rejoining again and again after some time

Please help me in resolvingthis rejoining issue.
i am using my server jitsivc.nic.in. after some timie it rty to rejoin.and rejoing so on.

Thanks Arun Kumar

@Arunakjv can you please describe your environments (linux version,local/remote server,browser),which process you followed and actual event(did u able to join/create a meeting after successful hosting) so someone can fix your issue.
if you were successful in hosting and able to create/join meeting and then faced rejoining issues may be its about your internet speed or network bandwidth.or for browser crashing.
I am new to jitsi and faced this few days ago

Seems to work just fine right now.

Ubantu version 16.4 LTS

Browser: crome

It was working since yesterday and we are making call till 20 Participants.

today i am getting This rejoin issue.

May be Log file full or Session time out. i dont know how can i check.

When this happen check the js console log of the browser