Jitsi meet server reconnects every 30 seconds



I’m slowly moving forward and I’m now able to see the jitsi webpage but I still have a few problems.

a) When I display the speaker stats the web page become all dark blue. However if I display the source code of that page there is a lot of code (most is javascript)

b) The page asks for a reconnection every 30 seconds or so. I read that old page

And it’s asked to check the /var/log/jitsi folder but I don’t have one because I started jicofo with

./jicofo.sh --domain=jitsi.mydomain.org --secret=YOURSECRET2 --user_domain=auth.jitsi.mydomain.org --user_name=focus –user_password=focuspassword

How can I get these logs ?


Thank you damencho,
I read other posts and debugged the problem.
I looked at javascript console and there was a complain about an unknown FQDN.
Then align config.js parameters accordingly.
I’m going to post a new question in another topic.


Have you configured all that is needed in your nginx?
You can use the nginx template https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/debian/jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example