Jitsi Meet Server information about RAM

Hello! I wanted to ask, how much minimal RAM does it needed to start a video conferencing meeting (in MB or GB) in Jitsi Meet and how much minimal RAM does it needed for one participant to join the meeting? Waiting for your reply!

By default jicofo and jvb require 3GB of RAM so running everything on one machine with 8GB Ram as minimum is recommended.
There are params and you can shrink jicofo and jvb requirement to 1GB … and then you can run it on a 3GB machine … and this should be sufficient to get 10s of participants(10, 20 maybe and more depends on per conference distribution and is audio/video on, is p2p running …) … how much, not sure as it depends and multiple factors …

So for one participant how much it aproximetely will be? Because i’m writing about Jitsi Meet diplome work, and it would be great if you wrote me aproximetely how much ram needed for one person. Also it would be great if you have time and if you can actually write me the minimum requirements of the server for the company, where is for example 300 workers. Maybe you can write me main parameters like The processor, RAM, processors core how much and etc. It would really help me with my diplome work.

Sounds like you can measure it, there are no such numbers to share.

Search the forum, this was discussed may times and its not an easy task to state those, as it depends on many - many factors.

@damencho Hello how I are change this params? Where I change to shrink the jicofo and jvb please?

I believe you can set JICOFO_MAX_MEMORY in /etc/jitsi/jicofo/config, and VIDEOBRIDGE_MAX_MEMORY in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config.



So if i understand, for server jitsi meet minimal required is 1 GB of RAM (and the system jitsi meet) will work fine with one user in conference?

I thank you