Jitsi meet server - how is chatlog saved and handled?


I searched the forums and the Jitsi page but found conflicting answers, so I’m asking for my specific case. I want to set up a Jitsi meet server for video conferences. My clients will mostly use the web browser. In our project the rooms will be used by different groups of people and they should not have access to the chat from the prior meeting.
Therefore I’m asking:
Are the chatlogs stored on the server? If so, where?
Or does Jitsi not save the chatlog / delete it on some condition? If so, what are the conditions for Jitsi to discard the chatlog?

Thank you!

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Nothing is saved.

When conference is destroyed (last one left) the chat history is destroyed, and if I remember correctly the default values, chat history is limited to 20 messages.

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Thank you for the on point reply!