Jitsi Meet self-hosting - please add some system requirements to the Guide

We’re building a community for small-group video discussions among up to ~8 people at a time, and have been evaluating Zoom, Whereby and other services. Jitsi has some undeniable advantages in being secure and open source. However, the quality on the public Jitsi Meet has been unacceptable even for 2 participants, so we’re looking into hosting our own instance.

Surprisingly, we weren’t able to find any system requirements listed in the Guide.

Are these not known? Or highly variable? Feels like the first section of that Guide should list some typical scenarios along with the recommended CPU, RAM and bandwidth requirements.

I don’t know if you have seen the summary of people’s experience with Jitsi. This post might help: Recommended Server Specs for 2020?

Thanks, that’s the page I had linked to in the OP. Perhaps there’s a better avenue to submit documentation requests than this forum?

In the meantime, we had 5 users on a 1GM RAM 1vCPU VPS (DigitalOcean), with <30% CPU utilization and 600MB RAM consumption.

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Thanks for sharing. It helps.