Jitsi meet self hosted and token authentication with Drupal

What is the simplest method of using token authentication with Jitsi local hosted server?
Can the token be always same, or does it have to change? Who provides the token?
I have external CMS (Drupal) which I can create jitsi rooms. The problem is that I want to secure the jitsi server, so that only the authenticated user from Drupal can create the jitsi room and then anyone can access to it. So for this I guess the jitsi token authentication is the solution.
Also there is a Drupal module for Jitsi connection, but the process of achieving this connection between drupal and jitsi is unclear. The drupal has a field “Jitsi JWT Provider” where I guess the link to jitsi server with the token should be. But where to get the token, and where to put all these is unclear. Has anyone done similar before with Drupal?