Jitsi Meet: Screen sharing occasionally fails

We are using Jtisi meet with the external API (which is awesome, by the way). Unfortunately screen sharing works sometimes unreliable:

  1. 2 indepedent participants join the jtisi meet from separate WIFI networks via internet
  2. One participant (no camera active, camera access blocked) shares his screen and allows access to one of his 2 monitors
  3. Screen sharing works
  4. After switching to a different monitor and then switching back to the first, the screen sharing stopped working. It was still being send but nothing was received after the second switch
  5. After the receiving party reloads the page, screen sharing works again

Second use case:

  1. Same as above but with users who are connected to the internet through the same network
  2. Initial screen sharing fails usually but not always

Advice appreciated :slight_smile:

In my case screen sharing is using to much system resources cpu, ram and it freezes sometimes, so when i use the presentations in video conference i print my files in .pdf format and open them inside chrome and share chrome tab instead of screen or aplication, this way my pc uses less resources and the presantation doesn’t freezes at all.

Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is not that the video is freezing, there is no picture received at all. From the viewers point of view there is no screen sharing.

Sometimes participant’s point to another person camera and can’t see the presentations so go to Settings tab More and click Everyone follows me and Ok than point on your screen your web camera click on it so they can see the presentation.

If you are the host, I also suggest to login to videoconference from pc and phone but plug headset in phone to reduce sound noise than click off on your phone camera and microphone and follow how the presentation looks and behave to other participants screen.

Thanks, that helped. It seems there is no way to automatically activate the Everyone follows me function when setting up the external API?

Hi there!

I’m facing the same sort of problem here. Using either Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit) or 90.0.4430.212 (Developer Build), both running on Debian bookworm/sid, I can’t share camera, window or whole screen here. The funny thing is that it worked well last Tuesday and the day after it was broken.

I use to have two monitors here, but it doen’t work any more even when I turn off one of them. On the other devices here (mobiles and on Safari at a MacBook it runs pretty well).

Any help?

Best regards, Alexandre

It’s me again…

I’ve some updates here: when people two participants use Firefox both can share screen, but only works when the camera is on. Not sure if this is related to Jitsi or Firefox…

Best, Alexandre