Jitsi Meet screen broadcasting on IOS starting without visual content

It’s amazing that screen sharing is now possible from iPads and iPhones too. I wanted to try it out but when I start the actual visual content doesn’t come through. Only the an epty/black-background “phone screen shaped” window shows up implying that I started a screen broadcast.

Are you using meet.jit.si or your own deployment?

My company uses it’s own deployment, so I was able to try both but none worked.
I wanted to rule out that the issue happens on the receiving side so I tried different browsers (Edge and Chrome) and an old iPhone too.
I think the issue is on the sender side which is an iPhone XS with:
IOS version 14.4.2

Reinstalling the App and rebooting the phone also didn’t work.

Thanks for the feedback. We are investigating some issues with iOS screen-sharing.

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Same Issue with iPad Pro 11, SW-Version 14.5. It would be really awesome to have a fix for that :slight_smile: