Jitsi-meet Safari Camera And Screen Sharing

Hello to everyone.

I have a question for you. Camera does not work in safari browser. Screen sharing option also does not appear. How can I solve this problem. I request you to explain it in a very simple language :slight_smile: (Everything is OK in Chrome)


In addition, how can I do this.

I have the same issue, but spotted the following in the console log:

The build in camera is detected but does not seem to be properly reported to the user and there is no request to grant access to it.

I checked the Privacy Setting and everything looks good.

Testing in jitsi.org and meet.jitsi.si I think that the Debian packages for the web app are not up-to-date.

Why you’re so sadist to use Safari? Even the old Internet Explorer is far better than Safari, Safari doesn’t support well WebRTC, even if it’s a 10 years old technology.

Don’t use Safari and Firefox if you can.
Use Chrome, Chromium based browsers, like the new Microsoft Edge (works greatly also on MacOS)

I’m not sure using Safari makes you a sadist. Some people may say this though. lol. Maybe what you wrote got lost in translation? In my case, using a chromium based browser worked.

On the other hand, in my opinion, if you wan’t to make an application robust, then it it should work with most modern browsers. It’s not like Safari isn’t a commonly used browser given that it comes installed by default on every Mac that ships.

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It seems the developers are working on a fix for this. Please be patient given the huge uptake of video conferencing solutions during this time.

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Nono, it was intended :laughing:

Bill Gates has been mulcted for trying to monopolize as browser setting IE as default browser in every Windows powered PC for 1 Million $ a day for the rest of his life, Apple wasn’t. Basing on this and on the overprice… it should be apple to follow standards and not the other to find a functional workaround for let standard stuff to work on it :grin: Then… Apple users made their choice IMO and could hire a dev to fix the stuff Apple broke haha

OK but let’s not get too of topic here. This is an old argument. If anybody has any problem with Safari, they should report it to Apple; otherwise just use another browser. I mean, it doesn’t take long to just download a different browser and use that.

most modern browsers
is the key point here. Safari ist not a modern browser, sorry. As RubensRainelli already said Safari is lacking proper WebRTC support.
There is very little Jitsi devolpers can do - talk to your local Apple representative …

I just said that. “If anybody has any problem with Safari, they should report it to Apple.” Safari does appear to support WebRTC but obviously not the same way that other chromium based browsers do.


Thank you for your comments. I have to consider every possibility.I’m using a Mac. If the person we invite also uses a mac. we did not want to have problems.

Actually, the purpose of asking this question is , https://meet.jit.si/ safari browser on site works smoothly. why is it not working properly on my server. I wanted to know where I made a mistake.

I’m sorry that my english is bad.I’m using google translate

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It’s possible that they have found a fix and implemented it on their server but have not implemented it for the open source version. Just my guess. I could be wrong.

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maybe it depends on location of the server, related to your location.
Did you check the performance monitor of the server to exclude is a CPU problem?

Hello, when we make a meet on
https://meet.jit.si/ , none of the safari users are visible ! Consequently, we are forced to move to zoom.Me
Do you know a way for Safari users to have it working properly?

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About us Our server locations in Turkey. The screen shot of CPU and Ram usage is below.

System features.
OpenStack KVM
1 CPU - 2 GB Memory - 20 GB SSD
Linux => Ubuntu 18.04.

I have never encountered a problem when I installed manually before. Then my friend prepared the file to automate the installation. With this file, it added the feature of recording sound and video recording. Then I started having such a problem. We tried but could not solve. I came here to get help from the people who created this program.

We did the setup according to the steps here; https://www.muhyal.com/t/ubuntu-tabanli-sistemlerde-bash-jitsi-jibri-jigasi-kurulumu/45
Github: https://github.com/muhyal/ubuntujjjyukleyici

Instead of dealing with fixing this error. We decided to use Chrome. Thank you for offering us such an application for free. You can close the topic.

I wish you a good day.

Too few RAM… you can’t expect much from a such server :frowning:
It’s not mentioned the bandwith anyway…
How much do you pay for it?
Are you in turkey? Because if you aren’t you could find a potential better provider.