Jitsi-meet Run only on localhost or



so here is what i did simply ;

clone the repository Git hub , npm install , make dev , that’s all

after this , my server is running but only in https://localhost.8080 or

my adress ip is , so if i use this adress , i have nothing in my browser

any idea ? THANK YOU


make dev is to make the project for development (normally use by the developers), what it does it just runs a local webserver/proxy and loads the web from the source code, but in the background uses beta.meet.jit.si as a deployment and for the rest of the artifacts needed by the web.
If you want to deploy jitsi-meet as written in the Readme, you better use the quick install manual: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md


it’s work thank’s

but the certificate is not accepted by browsers, is there a way to change that ? (i mean it’s work but i have to accept an exception of certificate all times )

i’m in private network


Are you talking about the webpack-dev-server you are running with make dev or about the quick install deployment?

webpack-dev-server I’m not sure that you can do that or how you can do that, but there is no point of doing it, as this is only for development. For quick-install you can install Let’s encrypt certificates.


Great, now i use my server in public address and it’s work fine