Jitsi-meet Run only on localhost or

Hi, all I am trying to run the lib code locally on my ubuntu machine to apply some changes in the lib code, so I do the following steps:
step1 - git clone https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet.git
step 2- cd jitsi-meet
step 3- npm install && make dev
I expect to get the launcher URL as I saw in the other forum but get the following error in the network proxy config

so, please help.

You seem to be using a very old checkout, we converted the package-lock version quite a while ago.

I pull the lib code version from the GitHub repo, if it is not up to date?
else, do you mean the “lockfileVersion”: 2 in package-lock.json file ?

Yes. What is the last commit you see on your checkout?

commit b2b576f6fbeb3e26f25372b0c7923a8acb67d3f4 (HEAD → master, tag: jitsi-meet_7490, tag: 6307, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Robert Pintilii robert.pin9@gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 1 12:33:03 2022 +0300

I see a lot of branches , I ask if there is one best than the master branch ,
my target is to run the lib code on my local machine , do some customization for my web app .

That commit looks about right. What about lib-jitsi-meet?

I try it but can not know how can I run lib-jitsi-meet locally with URL launcher to see the app running?

What lib-jitsi-commit are you trying to use?

commit 96664436925abd0b78241d16837356e69d9363fc (HEAD → master, tag: v1461.0.0+96664436, tag: jitsi-meet_7493, tag: jitsi-meet_7492, tag: jitsi-meet_7491, tag: jitsi-meet_7490, tag: jitsi-meet_7489, tag: jitsi-meet_7488, tag: jitsi-meet_7487, tag: jitsi-meet_7486, tag: jitsi-meet_7485, tag: jitsi-meet_7484, tag: jitsi-meet_7483, tag: jitsi-meet_7482, tag: jitsi-meet_7481, tag: jitsi-meet_7480, tag: jitsi-meet_7479, tag: jitsi-meet_7478, tag: jitsi-meet_7477, tag: jitsi-meet_7476, tag: jitsi-meet_7475, tag: jitsi-meet_7474, tag: jitsi-meet_7473, tag: jitsi-meet_7472, tag: jitsi-meet_7471, tag: jitsi-meet_7470, tag: jitsi-meet_7469, tag: jitsi-meet_7468, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Hristo Terezov hristo@jitsi.org
Date: Sat Jun 25 14:07:10 2022 -0500

I’m reading the original message and there is no mention of lib-jitsi-meet. What exact steps are you following here?