Jitsi meet run locally

I run jitsi-meet locally
export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET=https://meet.jit.si
make dev
but every request goes as follow

how can I point to bosh url for meet.jit.si

There is no way of using meet.jit.si with webpack dev server. The only option is to download its index.html and make your webpack dev server to serve that index.html, edit it if needed.

For development use whatever is default in webpack dev server, as you will get as close as possible to master and meet.jit.si has some small branding applied …

could you please tell me how to run jitsi-meet locally for development purpose. when i run
make dev

it gave an error

Did you run npm install before that?

yes i did @damencho
node version v8.10.0

Works here:
node --version v10.15.3 npm --version

Thank you @damencho