Jitsi meet rooms with users but no one is inside when enter

Hello there! Nice to meet you all. I am new on the platform.

The issue that brought me here with you is that I have this project where we are using jitsi meet on a dedicated box and a horizontally scaled group of jitsi video bridges for online events like webinars. During these events users can enter tables by 10, but there are some users who when enter a table where supposedly should be people already, but actually no one appears and they cannot talk to other people. Can you give me a clue of what might be the reason for that?

Thank you very much,

Do all users use the same domain name while connecting?

Yes, because the connection is prepared by javascript and the domain is statically introduced in it.

Can this user see itself when connecting to the same room using 3 browser tabs?

Actually it is on live environment and it is a client of my client. It is a bit inconvenient to ask them to do such test.

If this problem occurs only for some clients, maybe there are client side issues like to be behind a restricted firewall. Do you have a working TURN server?

Please, can you explain me what TURN server is? I suppose TURN is an abbreviation, but for what.

TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT), in very loose terms, is a server that can act as an intermediary server between WebRTC clients (or client and Jitsi Video bridge) when direct connection is not possible. This could for example be when one party is behind an asymmetric NAT and direct connection is not possible, or when UDP is blocked by corporate network policy.

There are lots of articles online about why TURN (see also STUN) is needed for WebRTC. Some examples:

See also: Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook