Jitsi Meet room for 30 participants

Hello guys! I have deployed Jitsi Meet on my own server by the instruction “Jitsi Meet quick install” (and nothing more). My need is to support 30 concurrent video chat participants, but I have a problem even if the number of participants is 8. The video is freezing / disappearing, low quality, 100% CPU usage on user’s devices.
I assume that I need to work more on Jitsi settings.
I would be glad to hear your advice on what I can do to improve video communication.
Thank you!

Ups, I missed this one … Sorry for the late reply

Have you tested this on meet.jit.si, do you experience the same issues with it?
Does the machine with deployment has enough resources, RAM, CPU, available bandwidth?
Are you running stable?
What are the participants machines that experience the CPU 100%? What OS are they running?
We are working on improving this, we have some limitations in latest version from unstable.
We are currently A/B testing caping screen-share on meet.jit.si to be able to see the improvements.
Are you seeing problems when screen-sharing?
And what browser is used by the participants?
When the problem occurs how many videos are enabled in the conference?

Answering the questions above will lean us toward the problem, but as you can see from my questions there are many moving parts to be able to pinpoint a resolution :slight_smile:

Thnak you, Damian!

  1. To be honestly I didnt test on meet.jit.si, this is first what I am going to do.
  2. During the call I was monitoring CPU and RAM usage. CPU not more than 40%, RAM also didn’t exceed the half of volume. I need to check bandwidth
  3. Not sure that got question about running stable :slight_smile:
  4. 100% CPU usage on my device with Intel Core i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2 cores / Linux, also on other laptops that have similar configurations (Windows / Mac)
  5. We tried screen-sharing, but the problem showed up before
  6. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox
  7. At least 8 videos were enabled

Are you using packages from https://download.jitsi.org/stable/ or from https://download.jitsi.org/unstable/.

If you have most of the videos from Firefox, this will make a huge difference as we do not support simulcast for Firefox for the moment. So whatever is sent from Firefox will be forwarded to the rest of the participants.
To compare: in ideal circumstances, a participant will receive a thumbnail video that is not on large from Chrome as 0.2 Mbit/s, while from Firefox this will be ~4 Mbit/s, so 8 from Chrome is 1.6 Mbit/s, but 8 from Firefox will be around 28 Mbit/s … huge impact (numbers are in an ideal situation and in practice, they are lower, but still a huge diff).

Yes, I use stable build
Ok, I see, only one participant used Firefox

Please, correct me if Im wrong, does simulcast work only if the jvb is launched? I didnt launch it, just used “Jitsi Meet quick install”

You are running jvb, otherwise, you cannot make a conference.


I have the very same problem, here is my answers to your questions:

1) I didnt test on meet.jit.si
2) I was monitoring CPU and RAM usage. CPU not more than 32% (500% with 16 CPU), RAM usage was aroud 2 GB from 6 GB available. I didn't check bandwidth.
3) I was running stable
4) 100% CPU usage on my device with Intel Core i3-7020U @ 2.30GHz using Windows 10
5) We didn't try screen-sharing
6) Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (on single client)
7) Problems started when at least 8-10 videos were enabled

Maybe there is something can be done with settings? On my last test I was monitoring my client bandwidth and it was 1,5-2,5 MBit/s

And one more question - as I can see a participant receives a thumbnail video regardless of viewing another participant in large or in a side view or all participants on one screeen simultaneously. Adding this to my previouse question I ask again - is there something terribly wrong with my settings?

Not recieving an answer still I’m posting an update on my situation - two days ago I’ve updated Jitsi to it’s last stable version and that was the end of my problems. We have had meetings with 14, 18 and 23 participants all with video and there were no problems during those. Thank you all for your attention to my problem :slight_smile:

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