Jitsi Meet Room and Configuration

Hello Everyone,

I have set up the Jitsi in Ubuntu and was able to start a meeting. I want to have a way where I can set up the Jitsi to host the meeting.

Please help me with how can I do that?


Welcome to the forum, @chirag-agrawal!

We’d love to help you, if we can. Can you please clarify your question? You said you’re able to start a meeting already in your self-hosted Jitsi, so what issues are you running into? What would you like to know?

Hi Freddie,

Thanks for the quick response. I have set up the Jitsi in ubuntu and am able to start the meeting but I want to have a host and guest kind of structure in the meeting which I am unable to do, please help me on how can do that.


Ah, you need to implement “secure domain”. Here’s the guide - Guide - Implementing Secure Domain