Jitsi-Meet Remove Camera Permission Request

We’re running a self hosted version of Jitsi-Meet (via the quick Install) with just audio. It is possible to remove the camera permission request? We only want to have the MIC permission requested from the user.

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I figured it out,

In case anyone else is interested, here are the steps I used.

  1. Open the external_api.js (or external_api.min.js) in your editor (this should be the script referenced in your HTML). Something like this:
  1. Search the script for:
    this._frame.allow=“camera; microphone; display-capture”

  2. Add ‘none’ after “camera”, so it reads,
    this._frame.allow=“camera ‘none’; microphone; display-capture”

  3. Save, then test using incognito or clear your cache for the page.

If you are new to Jitsi-Meet, you should be able to find the script here:

In my project, I use:

To edit it via Terminal, try something like nano.
sudo nano /usr/share/jitsi-meet/external_api.min.js

Control + W, is search
After you edit, press Control + X, then “Yes” to save, then OK to confirm the file name.

If you want remove microphone access, just add ‘none’ after microphone and so on.

I hope this helps.


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