Jitsi meet remote control screen size

Hello Jitsi. Thank you for your great project. I am running my own server and while implementing I have issue with Remote control function.

How can I resize Jitsi Meet Remote control screen. Because I tested Jitsi Remote Control with my two computer screen both with same resolution 1280 x 1024. It is not allowing mouse click over back ground remote desktop. The reason for this is the overlay MIC, Video and other button control that is positioned exactly in the windows start button area.

I tested with my other Laptop computer with resolution 1366 x 768 and it is working fine as it is position in the center of window away from control button. Where can i configure the remote desktop screen size so that it can be position as my laptop computer screen size.

I have checked all jitsi forum and internet but no solution.

Although jitsi remote control quality is adjustable it is not perfect as Team Viewer or Anydesk. Can we adjust the screen resolution? I dont care about bandwidth as I am using remote control only with one fellow jitsi.

If we are allowing jitsi meet for remote desktop the user iterface is not easy for remote desktop management. There should be a clear UI for easy management.

I have also noticed that the mouse control is delayed and it is not allowing remote management. I tested with very good bandwidth internet both systems.

Thank you.

@AbuZayed. So it seems you have enabled Remote control on your Self Deployed Jitsi meet…

Can you kindly share me any doc or steps how you enabled that on Jitsi meet ?

I did nothing. It is working out of the box. But if you want to enable you have to use Electron app.
This is the link where you can install electron. It will work on all major platforms.