Jitsi Meet Recording Calls (No Dropbox)

Hey guys,
Is it possible to record calls with Jitsi Meet without using Dropbox but some other more privacy-focused service like NextCloud? Why would an open source software like Jitsi prefer something like Dropbox?

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There is a finalize recording script where you can implement any backend you want.

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Is this for meet.jit.si or for the self-hosted version?

Self hosted.

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We had implemented the service that can cover a bigger number of clients. We have in the roadmap adding google drive, next cloud … but we cannot find time and resources adding those.
Any PRs are welcome.


Very Intersting there is any documentation over there?

Could you kindly tell us if there is any progress in this matter?
And did these guys achieve what you’re looking for: https://switnet.net/en/2020/05/jitsi-meet-jibri-nextcloud/

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See :