Jitsi meet react native sdk

hello everyone .Like I said in my previous post , I am interested in contributing to react native SDK along with the recoding storage provider project from the idea list .

So with the RN SDK be modeled in a similar way to how the latest react SDK was developed ?

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@SWORD_ASH did you get response for react native SDK?

Welcome to the community, @vit8 !!

Seeing from your other replies you want to integrate jitsi meet in your react native application, right? Right now the project is proposed as an idea list for GSOC and hopefully a dedicated RN SDK for jitsi meet will be done by August.

I did get a respose on my proposed ideas wireframe here.

@SWORD_ASH Thank you for prompt reply .

No problem!

By the way, if you don’t mind could you tell me brought what all features would you like to have in the RN SDK? Like options, ease of usability etc?