Jitsi meet react native make tile view as default

Hi guys.
I am integrating jitsi-meet sdk to my video conference app.
There is a tile view button in overflowmenu.
I want it set as default so that users would see tile view first when the call is connected.
Please don`t hesitate to inbox me if you have experience in this topic.

Hi there, and welcome to our community!

We currently have no way to change this except from the menu itself. It may come at a later time, but we have no plans for it ATM.

Hi Saúl Ibarra Corretgé .
Thanks for your quick response.
This is Li Yun who is collaborating with Javi Arranz.
He said me about you lots of times.
You replied for my 2 questions instantly, I appreciate your help.
I hope the great relationship with you in future.
Warm Regards.
Li Yun.


Gracias Saul, Li Yun ha empezado a colaborar con Eternity y como solo habla Ingles y Chino, pues le he derivado a esta comunidad, un placer como siempre que nos atiendas tan rápido !
Javi Arranz

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