Jitsi Meet Raisehand

Hello Jitsi Community!

I have recently “raisehand” toolbar button enabled which has the clap, laugh, and other functions. But I don’t see who clicked/pressed the clap or laugh button when the emoji plays. And, sometimes it is annoying when someone continuously clicks or presses the clap or laugh emoji and it’s difficult to know who did it.

Is it possible to know who did the clap or laugh? Also, can this feature be enabled on mobile devices like iOS?

Thank you!

It shows who in the chat box.

is this feature possible using lib-jitsi-meet to low-level API?
if yes than can you pls provide some documentation how I can impliment this feature in my web app

Actually, how does it show someone used clap or laugh. I don’t see it on my own Jitsi instance which I am running.

By the way, I meant the reaction menu. I can’t see who reacted. So, if there is some configuration for it?

As Freddie mentioned, when someone sends a reactions, it also shows up in the chat.

Hello shawn, I actually disabled the chat. Isn’t there a way to see the reaction without activating the chat?

Out of the box, I’m not sure you can.

If you’re using the IFrame API to load the app, I suppose you could add a listener for the incomingMessage event – that typically triggers every time someone else sends a message in chat, but since you have disable chat, then the only messages you get would be for reactions. You can then display that info however you want.