Jitsi meet: Problems with the webcam in Chrome and Firefox

Hi, I have a problem since around 18:00 (Rome) on Thursday 9 February with the integrated webcam. Only two users are connected and it occurs that he does not see my image. I see him, we both see the shared documents and our microphones work fine too. My image is seen for a few seconds and then disappears. A pop-up warns me that the camera is being used by another app, but the camera is not being used. This happens with the Chrome browser. If I use Firefox, he sees me, but I don’t see him and the message appears: video has been closed to reduce bandwidth. My webcam works and I have done nothing to justify this problem. Until Thursday everything was working fine. If I use the Edge browser there are no problems. Can you help me understand what’s going on? Why are there only problems with Chrome and Firefox?
Thank you very much

Do you see any errors in the browser console logs?

were is located the browser console logs?

ctrl + shift + j

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