Jitsi Meet: Problems while cleanly destroying a room using a custom prosody module


I have created a prosody module to shutdown my room on an API call, I have modified the mod_muc_size a little bit in my setup to achieve this. Here is what i have done

[‘GET shutdown-room’] = function(event)
return wrap_async_run(event, shutdown_room)

In the function, I get the room and call


This clears my prosody session, and the participants are disconnected. But this does not clear the JVB
connection, and the participants are not redirected to the home screen. I saw a fix for this where someone fixed it by modifying jitsi meet source code and building from that source. This is not feasible for me as i am running a docker setup. Is there any way, i can cleanly terminate the room?

There is no such code in jitsi-meet, sorry. There is handling of kick, if you are kicked out of the meeting showing you a message for that.
We have some handling about CONFERENCE_DESTROYED so you should be seeing a message that a conference is destroyed.
But there is nothing currently about going back to welcome page.

Oh, ok. Is there any event in the UI i can listen to when the focus leaves? I am thinking, i will make my UI service call my shutdown_room route after a specified time and when the focus leaves, i will redirect everyone to the home page from my UI.

I have set up a Jitsi server with some changes to allow only registered users to create rooms. Is there a way to destroy the room after a certain length of time so that it cannot be reused. If this is not possible then perhaps after a certain length of time only the registered uses can recreate the room. I made the changes to the files per the link below in Step 5 — Locking Conference Creation: