Jitsi meet problem 3 users

With 2 participans, everything works. As soon as a third one joins in, audio and video drops

Check to make sure you have port 10000/UDP open.

i disabled the firewall on my server

Are you behind a NAT? If so, you need to forward the port on your router.

I’m facing the same issue and I’m not behind NAT. I’m facing the same issue even on https://meet.jit.si

Having the same issue. for 2 users it is working fine.

i opened these ports.

This thread may be helpful

Hello @krish_wayne,

please open the UDP-Port 3478 (TURN-server).

Please give a response if it solved your problem.

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I commented this line as per the document.

Now I just removed the comment. it is working fine.

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it’s working fine now thanks for your support