Jitsi Meet - persistent room


Hello, I deployed my own server on Debian 8 with quick install, setting up Secure Domain.
Everything works very well.
I would like to create a set of persistent room, to avoid authentication on them (I think, but I’m not sure, that if the jitsi meet app (web o mobile) joins a room already created, it doesn’t require to autenticate).
I updated my prosody to version 0.10.2, inserted the bolded lines in prosody config, and restarted prosody:
Component “conference.mydomain.com” “muc”
storage = "internal"
–modules_enabled = { “token_verification” }
muc_room_default_persistent = true
admins = { "focus@auth.mydomain.com" }
The rooms are always temporary: after the last user leave the room, it disappears (verified with Miranda IM).
Can anyone suggest me a right way to setup persistent rooms, or another way to avoid authentication?


I don’t understand your goal? If you don’t want to authenticate when joining, then disable the secure domain that you configured.
There is no such thing as a persistent room will not want authentication, then there will be no point of enabling
authentication at all.
Yep, the idea is that you create a conference (a room is created) and after everyone leaves a conference is destroyed (the room is destroyed), so yeah rooms are temporary and they live only during a conference.


My goal is to permit joining a set of rooms (R1,R2, …, Rn) without authentication.
With secure domain a room can be created only after authentication.
My idea is, if the room is persistent, it is necessary only a authentication in a life to create it.
After the first conference, when everyone leaves it, the room still exists, because it’s persistent.
So new conferences on that persistent room can be estabilished without any authentication.


This is currently not possible. I cannot think of easy way to achieve it. The reason is that there is no connection between rooms and authentication and this is how xmpp works.
So you first open a connection to the xmpp server, this is the stage where authentication is required. Then once successfully connected you can do multiple stuff on the xmpp server, like getting your roaster(contaclist) and contacts presence, sending messges and creating/joining rooms.


The only option maybe, is disable secure connection for the domains used for jitsi-meet (undo the secure domain instructions).
Then in prosody for the jitsi-meet muc component enable


Configure another virtual host where authentication is required and configure some users to be admins, then use some xmpp client to connect as and admin create those rooms.
And see whether connecting to non existing room works and also joining an existing room does it works.


You can play with those prosody options and different virtual hosts.