Jitsi meet p2p breakage -- connection & ui issues -- since Chrome* 81x -> 83x stable channel updates. console log provided

While Jitsi’s Firefox/Linux support is still WIP, I’ve been using Chrome/Chromium to join meetings.

For quite awhile, both 2-participant P2P & multi-partitipant server-hosted meetings have been fine in Chrome*.

On 5/19, Chrome stable channel was updated from 81x -> 83x,

Since that time, as users have been receiveing/installing those updates, they’re no longer able to reliably connect meetings.

Testing by dropping BOTH ends of a P2P call back to Chrome 81x seems to cure all the issues; its definitely is related to the 83x updates.

The current range of symptoms include,

Locally, ability to select cameras/microphones is intermittent … devices appear, then disappear.

The whole UI is extremely laggy – e.g., pulling up the Setting while in-browser is taking up ~5-15 seconds once selected.

Users end up being able to get connected to a meeting, sometimes can hear others, but can’t see them.

And, connections drop off intermittently.

All I have initially is Chromium console output from just my entry to a room – atm, it’s NOT is an active/failing call.

Here’s the console output, filtered for errors: https://pastebin.com/g2Fcx6xi

If additional detail’s needed, just let me know specifics, and i’ll gather it up.