Jitsi Meet on vServer Host Europe


i installed on a vServer

jitsi meet

on the vServer is a domain for the jitsi meet server
the domain is ssl certified

all without errors - but if i try to open the domain, i only see a index.html from the root directory for this domain - not the jitsi meet start page

i dont know, where is the error or the problem?
can anyone help?

Could it be that I have to point the domain to a different destination - but on what?

thank you

Did you followed all the installation?
Was the server clean before the install?
Which OS are you running on the server?

I have found the solution …

with the last post it works :slight_smile:

But now … another problem.

Jitsi Meet works fine … but now i can’t load the Plesk Panel … on Port 8443


(the x is the IP)

how do I reach the Plesk interface as before?
(I will create a separate post)


check which processes are using that port

i checked with

sudo lsof -i -P -n

but i cant find the port 8443? Could it be?

Yes, it can.

Check Plesk logs

mh, i dont know what i have to search

yesterday i updates “add nginx rules” over the plesk panel and i also checked the firewall ports
now i cant start the plesk panel

nginx has nothing to do with plesk, normally plesk has its own webserver integrated

Maybe try with: sudo netstat -tulpn

ok, i think, it is a wrong SSL Certificate, in the browser i see:

This server could not prove that it is x-xx-xxx-xxx.kundenadmin.hosteurope.de. His security certificate comes from www.xxx-xxx-xxx.de. Possible reasons are incorrect configuration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

mh, i search for a solution

It works, after a vServer Reboot, jitsi meet and plesk works fine :slight_smile: