Jitsi Meet on Raspberry Pi 4 : feasible or not?

Hi there! Did you have problems before overclocking your pi? I manage to install with Raspbian 10 and it seemed to work fine but the connection keeps dropping. I also can’t turn the camera on for some reason… Don’t wanna oveclock the Pi since it doesn’t have a heat sink and/or cooler, but if it solves the problem, I might buy one.

I can confirm that have Pi 4 as client to Jitsi server, but… problem is that whilst have camera at 1080p (Logitech C920 which doesn’t support H264) I couldn’t get 1080p smooth stream out of that Pi4 due to CPU load on it. The moment there is inbound stream to be processed too, even if it is just p2p (1o1) call - drops down way below 720p - not fun at all.

But… feeling is that it is a problem that I didn’t manage to get acceleration working properly despite Chrome showing that GPU is enabled - all seems to be done in processor. Have same results for both forced H264 as well as VP8 and no simulcast to ease on CPU side.

Next alternative am looking at is switching to webcam which provides h264 stream, but am unsure if Chrome/Jitsi will pick it up as preferred.

+1 I am running jitsi meet through Chromium, the video decoding seems to be the biggest problem for me, it’s way too slow.

It looks like there is no hardware-accelarated decoding and the CPU is at 100%.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this run smoothly on the Pi? Note that many posts claim that “it works like a charm on a Pi”, but I think they actually mean that the jitsi server runs well, not the client.