Jitsi Meet, on mobile, fails to auto start in application

This should be related to the following section of JavaScript, it seems that when you use Safari on IOS, to load the welcome page for Jitsi, when you go to a room, it will prompt you to use the App… nice except…

When the App is already installed, it gives you the ‘Download the App’ prompt, and a prompt to ‘Continue to the App’. If the App is already installed, it should simply continue to the App, and NOT present the ‘Download the App’ link.

Suggest that this get ticketed? A simple ‘try’ or timeout functiton could be used, and if it fails, then do the rendering for the Download the App?

       const kt = "deep-linking-mobile",
        At = { android: interfaceConfig.MOBILE_DOWNLOAD_LINK_ANDROID, ios: interfaceConfig.MOBILE_DOWNLOAD_LINK_IOS };
    class Ct extends E.Component {
        constructor(e) {
            super(e), (this._onDownloadApp = this._onDownloadApp.bind(this)), (this._onOpenApp = this._onOpenApp.bind(this));
        componentDidMount() {
            Object(N.R)(Object(N.o)("displayed", "DeepLinkingMobile", { isMobileBrowser: !0 }));
        render() {
            const { _room: e, t: t } = this.props,
                { NATIVE_APP_NAME: n, SHOW_DEEP_LINKING_IMAGE: r } = interfaceConfig,
                i = `${kt}__button ${kt}__button_primary`,
                o = At[mt.Platform.OS] ? {} : { target: "_blank", rel: "noopener noreferrer" };
            return k.a.createElement(
                { className: kt },
                k.a.createElement("div", { className: "header" }, k.a.createElement("img", { className: "logo", src: "images/logo-deep-linking.png" })),
                    { className: `${kt}__body` },
                    r ? k.a.createElement("img", { className: "image", src: "images/deep-linking-image.png" }) : null,
                    k.a.createElement("p", { className: `${kt}__text` }, t(`${_t}.appNotInstalled`, { app: n })),
                    k.a.createElement("a", Et({}, o, { href: this._generateDownloadURL(), onClick: this._onDownloadApp }), k.a.createElement("button", { className: i }, t(`${_t}.downloadApp`))),
                    k.a.createElement("a", Et({}, o, { className: `${kt}__href`, href: Tt(), onClick: this._onOpenApp }), t(`${_t}.openApp`)),
                    k.a.createElement(ee.b, { className: "deep-linking-dial-in", clickableNumbers: !0, room: e })