Jitsi-meet on Flutter

install jibri on your own server

thanks a lot. i have used your plugin in flutter and install jitsi meet sdk in my own server and i need to record the meetings for that i have installed jibri on server but while i click on start recording its started the recording but i dont find any file server. can you pleasse help me with this

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Is it possible to stack another widget like a button on top of the jitsi screen

Im getting an issue while calling the method ```

You’ll have to report it to the Flutter plugin maintainers, which is not us.

Hello tuantvu,
Do you know if is possible to share screen on Android and iOS with the Flutter plugin?
Thank you!

I am having build issue when i build app with jitsi meet.can you help me to resolve the issue?

Can you tell me how you integrated jitsi in flutter

there are some few featureflag that are missing in the package, when will this be updated?

Yu need to ask the Flutter package maintainer. We don’t maintain that package.

Do you still support the jitsi Flutter widget?

I’ll say it again: we don’t write that plugin ourselves.

Hello @saghul React or React-Native. I see React SDK used for Web and Android and IOS as native sdks ?

For iOS and Android we do provide native SDKs, but internally they are built with React Native.

how can i get a token ?

Please don’t just post question on random topics.

“prejoinPageEnabled”: false not working flutter

how can i remove some buttons from the toolbar ,the SDK seams donnot provide any function to do it

The Jitsi Meet SDK does have a number of feature flags that allow disabling many buttons. Last I checked the Flutter SDK was way behind in the SDK version, and didn’t expose all its functionality.

We don’t maintain the Flutter SDK, so you’ll have to ask the authors.

Do you know if is possible to share screen on Android and iOS with the Flutter plugin?.