Jitsi-meet on Flutter

Hi My company is developing mobile app on flutter platform. we would like to integrate jisti-meet in our system. Can anyone give me any guide on how we can achieve this.


Our app and SDK are built using JavaScript and React Native. Is there a patch for integraing that in a Flutter app? Alternatively you could use our SDK which is native and integrate it that way, I suppose.

alright i wil give it a try…thanks for the advice :smiley:

@Tanvir have you tried to integrate in the flutter ??

@Tanvir Similar situation here. How is it going on?

@fzyzcjy i have integrated in flutter but getting issue to get callbacks

@Ashok_Songara get it

I hvae integrated in my flutter project, but how can i remove some buttons from the toolbar ,the SDK seams donnot provide any function to do it

@savage It does not do that yet. You’d need too rebuild the SDK yourself.

FYI, There is now a Flutter plugin for Jitsi meet: https://pub.dev/packages/jitsi_meet. Disclaimer, I am one of the contributors. Let me know if you would like to contribute or requests any features.

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Can jwt token is not working, can you please let us know when jwt will be working

The plugin should just be a passthrough of that value to the Jitsi SDKs, but since I didn’t have my own servers, I didn’t test it and didn’t feel comfortable releasing it. If you would like, please contribute and test the jwt token being passed in to the project. Thanks

Thanks, i will try

Token, is working :+1:

@tuantvu sdkVersion 21, 22, 23 is not supported but official jitsi meet is supporting it,
Is there any way to support these versions

HI can you please tell how to alter jitsi UI in flutter

We are just using the official mobile sdks. We haven’t implemented passing feature flags and color scheme yet. Once that is implemented, that will be the extent of our support, unless we decide to go down a custom build route. Even then, I would hope some one else maintains a custom build of Android and IOS SDK in a different repository and we just pull from there.

is it possible to use custom sdk in jitsi meet flutter plugin

Hi everyone, i’m trying to build my app with flutter plugin for Jitsi Meet, i have a issue with token (JWT token), i think that i didn’t correctly implement it and it doesn’t work with my own server jitsi-meet. There is someone can help me?

I want to record my jitsi conference session. Is there anyway in flutter. I will be highly thankful.