Jitsi Meet on Docker not re-generating config

Hi, I have setup Jitsi Meet on docker, it was working, with security and certificates and all…
I’ve changed a few config settings from web/rootfs/defaults/config.js and web/rootfs/defaults/interface_config.js and after that, I don’t know if it is related to, when I do this is not re creating the config files, any clue?
even if I stop the containers:

ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ sudo docker-compose down
Stopping docker-jitsi-meet_jvb_1 … done
Stopping docker-jitsi-meet_jicofo_1 … done
Stopping docker-jitsi-meet_prosody_1 … done
Stopping docker-jitsi-meet_web_1 … done
Removing docker-jitsi-meet_jvb_1 … done
Removing docker-jitsi-meet_jicofo_1 … done
Removing docker-jitsi-meet_prosody_1 … done
Removing docker-jitsi-meet_web_1 … done
Removing network docker-jitsi-meet_meet.jitsi

ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ nano web/rootfs/defaults/config.js
ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ sudo docker-compose up -d

Creating network “docker-jitsi-meet_meet.jitsi” with the default driver
Creating docker-jitsi-meet_web_1 … done
Creating docker-jitsi-meet_prosody_1 … done
Creating docker-jitsi-meet_jvb_1 … done
Creating docker-jitsi-meet_jicofo_1 … done

ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ ll ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web/
total 12
drwxrwxr-x 3 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mar 23 17:02 ./
drwxrwxrwx 7 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mar 23 17:02 …/
drwxrwxr-x 2 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mar 23 17:02 letsencrypt/
ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ ll ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web/letsencrypt/
total 8
drwxrwxr-x 2 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mar 23 17:02 ./
drwxrwxr-x 3 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mar 23 17:02 …/

ubuntu@c2-15-flex-gra7:~/jitsidocker/docker-jitsi-meet$ cat .env

Basic configuration options

Directory where all configuration will be stored.


Exposed HTTP port.


Exposed HTTPS port.