Jitsi meet on ARSAT (https://jitsi.dcarsat.com.ar/

This meet ask me a user and password to start, but no where I can generate it

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Is this your installation, or someone else’s?

no, ARSAT, satelital company form Argentina provide it… To start the video conference, ask me to be a host, and them ask me for user and password…

They have configured it in such a way that they need to generate an account for an administrator to start a meeting. (It’s the “secure domain” config, which requires a Prosody account.)

If they haven’t given you the details, do they want you to use it?

Is a public company… I try ask them. (sorry about my english) That says jounals arround here.

The fact that they have set it up to require a username and password suggests that they don’t want everyone using it.

Sorry, they publish in the site, they start with hospitals and really urgent needs. I´m just a simple teacher trying to conect with their kids… During this days I keep using the regular conections.

Hola Nuntom,
Vos das usuarios y passwords para docentes? Porque quiero arrancar este lunes 13/4 con las clases virtuales de la Cátedra a mi cargo, y como no se donde registrarme para usar el servidor de ARSAT estoy optando por usar el servidor por defecto. Preferiria usar el nuestro
Leo Gagliardi

Me encantaría… pero estoy igual que vos. Arsat aclara en el inicio que por el momento están dando usuarios solamente a hospitales, organismos del Ministerio de Salud y FFAA y de seguridad porque no tienen todavía la capacidad de abrirlo… Así que seguiremos con el servidor por defecto. Hay una app 8x8 basada en Jitsi que es mucho más liviana para los celulares.