Jitsi Meet on a Mac computer

How do I download JITSI Meet for a Mac? All the Downloads I try on the internet only give me Jitsi and that is just a chat box when I open it.

You can directly us the browser, you don’t need any app.

@cearlp like Damencho said, you can just use your browser, but if you really want to use the desktop app, here’s the link to download it directly. Looks like you downloaded the wrong app before.

Thanks, I new I could use the browser to start a meeting but I would like the app on my desktop for ease of use.
The link was just what I was looking for.

Freddie, The link worked great, in that I got a Jitsi Meet on my Mac, but it displays everything in Spanish. Is there a way to change the language?

Language is auto-detected, so you must have set your default to be Spanish at some point on your system. To change it, start a meeting with the app, then go into settings and under the “more” tab, you should see an option to change the language.