Jitsi Meet on a CLI?

Hi I am searching for API docs on making a jitsi meet thingy for audio as a cli. Basically my goal is to have each participant on a separate pulseaudio sink. You might ask why:

a) I can map the volume much easier to separate hardware knobs (this is just convenient)
b) I sometimes do recordings of talks done in a jitsi meeting → Having separate channels makes it much easier to archive the best audio quality in the recorded version (individual clearing up of the voice and so on)
c) A cli might use less CPU than a web page. Even when only using audio.
d) It is convenient :smiley:

TLDR: What do I need to do to get the jitsimeet audio streams as a cli outside of js? (I would like to use rust. But ifthis is locked in to typescript/javascript I guess I will have to live with that)

This sounds like local recording feature. When turned on all participants save audio locally which ia the best quality and send it to the participant who will put them in one audio with best quality for podcasts like, on this step you can control the volume …

Hm yeah but that is also kind of annoying for the individual persons. But I get that in terms of privacy is maybe the better way.

Also that would not solve point a :slight_smile: Which is more like a convenience when doing jitsi calls all day long. (And also it would be a fun project to do :slight_smile: )

This is exactly why I am here. After trying several webrtc solutions to get something similar I’ve found myself looking at Jitsi tonight. I need discrete control of audio - for recorded separately locally, plus directing to a mixing desk, and then combining again for live streaming. I also need separate video feeds to go into Ecamm Live. In the absence of being able to use something like NDI, I’ve ended up with four RPI 4s and cheap capture cards.

I’ve had the audio working fine in a couple of POCs using different webrtc libraries, but struggled more with the video (the basic idea works and the video comes into Ecamm just fine but Chromium on the RPI isn’t great and then I still have to build an interface for the users etc). I’m really hoping I can get this going with Jitsi.

Have you found anything else yet?