Jitsi-Meet official roadmap?

Hello Jitsi team,

Is there any official roadmap of Jitsi-Meet ?
It would be greatly appreciated if you could share with the community some information about the work under development/design (new features, bug fixes, etc) :grin:

Thank you for all the hard work you have done :pray:

Unfortunately, there is no such thing and one of the reasons is the resources we have and that priorities changes very quickly and such a document will be outdated very quickly.
But we are giving status updates on the community call and there are recordings on that, so one can follow that and if interested can join and ask questions about it.

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I heard about that community call thing… Can anyone join? What is the schedule?

Thank you @damencho for the quick answer. I really appreciate it !
See you on the next community call :+1:

You can also find the previous calls on the official Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/JitsiOrg/videos

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Thanks @hkhait,
The page says every other week but the agenda says every monday… Is it every monday or every OTHER monday?

If it does skip a week, when is the next meeting due? Next week or the one after?

It is every other week, on the main page of jitsi.org you can find info and a google calendar with next call

There is an issue with the calendar, it says “every monday” for the community events… (I tried to open it in gmail)

Yep, we will take a look.