[Jitsi Meet] Now you can reorder video tiles, change your avatar without using Gravatar, and more

Hello fellow Jitsters :wave:

Two weeks ago I started improving my Jitsi experience by hacking the Jitsi Meet app in the browser. Others seem to like my “hacks”, too. So I decided to create a small website for them: Jitsi Hacks

So far you can find the following hacks:

  • Reorder video tiles
    Reorder video tiles via drag and drop.

  • Emoji reaction
    React by changing your avatar to an emoji.

  • Lower Third
    Include a text overlay in your video stream.

  • Always show names
    Always show the participants’ names, not only when the mouse is moved over a video tile.

  • Change avatar
    Allows changing the avatar without having to use Gravatar.

  • VIP
    For meetings where you need to keep track of certain participants.

  • Change subject
    Allows changing the subject of a room.

I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


very nice features

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Very impressive, thank you! The fact that these could be implemented without changing the “core” is wonderful.

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is a great advance, thanks.