Jitsi meet not working with web, android apps work with each other but web always shows muted audio and video

I have been testing out jitsi before even installing my own server. When I go to the site https://meet.jit.si/ and start a meeting through my macbook, it starts no problem, but when I use any of the android devices to join the same meeting they are muted audio and video with nothing I can do to hae them working.

IF I create a meeting with the jitsi app on android, and use another android device with the app I can join the meeting and audio and video is working no problem. IF I try joining through the browser with my macbook, again the audio and video is off and even if I turn them on my androids cannot see. Its like the browser will not working properly with the jitsi meet app on android.

Am I losing my mind or is this a known issue? What is going on here? web console in the browser shows all sorts of errors…

I just tested firefox and I can see now that its working. So there is someting going on with chrome… maybe just a setting?