Jitsi Meet Not working on my server but working on meet.jit.si

I need someone with expertise in jitsi server deployment. Such that it works both on my Laptops and Mobile Phones.
I have recently tried it with many freelancers but no one was able to give a solution that worked on my phone. All were able to connect audio but the video was not working.

Note: The same phone works with meet.jit.si server but not with my local installation

Hi @shivam1,
I think this is on your firewall issue. So I need to check your firewall configuration. And also If you need more details please shoot me an email at akalana.nipuna@gmail.com. Thank you very much.

@akalana I have enabled all the firewall as mentioned on jitsi installation page.
Also, I tried by removing all firewalls of my system. But no luck

Please show me your firewall configuration.

This is my firewall

Hi @shivam1,
I think I need to check your Log files.

@akalana Thank You so much. It helped


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