Jitsi meet not working on Chrome 86?

that’s support. When an UNexpected change happens, as is the case there, people scramble to get paying customers to be happy. For most Jitsi devs, that means 8x8 customers. When the issue is solved, and things calm, information can be done to open sources users. Taking time for out of band extra quick info when in crisis is very much support. As you know certainly, offering free support leads only to one thing; people asking for more free support. If people offering free software are also supposed to provide free support, I don’t quite see how they are supposed to make a living.

Let’s give some story and numbers about the issue here cause it is interesting.
So Oct 8th is the day Chrome 86 is released, we start getting reports about quality from different channels, including the forum (thanks for those that reported it!). Interestingly on Oct 8th the same was reported in videobridge issues and a PR with a fix was proposed by a contributor (@ramon-garcia) on Oct 9th (Friday) we got a fix and we were testing it and during the weekend we started updating our deployments (yes sometimes we need to work in the weekends), on Tuesday the change is live on meet.jit.si (late at night yep, it happens we need to work and at night) and the day after the stable release was out (a rule we have, we push stable after updating meet.jit.si with it).
So this for me is quick response time, from the community itself and from us, as many people were involved in this process, some doing work in their free time.
Thank you for those reporting the issues and those opening PRs for fixes.
Yes it is true we were able to catch the problem earlier, but we are learning from those misses and add new monitoring for the stuff we found so we don’t hit it twice.

Thanks for sharing all this, this is really instructive. I would not consider that a quick response time, but a rather acceptable one. Hopefully not every user updates right away its browser. I’ll try to find a way to monitor the changelog page to be automatically alerted when a new version is out, allowing me to juge if necessary to update.
I think you have so many devs / corps / users relying on jitsi nowadays with the pandemic that there is a real urge to a bit more communication / formalism to allow the ever growing community of your users to rely without hesitation on your code.
Thanks again for all your work and your mission of connecting people with audio/vidéo!

And now I realize :man_facepalming: I was talking about a different issue. I need more coffee I assume …

LOL… if this isn’t a case of Oliver Twist - you just keep asking for more. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m in an alternate universe when I read posts like yours. You’re getting superior software and you’re getting it for free - yes, F R E E. In addition, you have the devs making themselves available beyond their primary task of developing the software, to provide support services - again, for F R E E. YOU then take their software, package it for SALE with no percentage of that revenue being sent back to the software developing company itself (not that they demand, require or expect it). But no, that’s not enough. Now, you’re unsatisfied with their response time to an issue that’s caused by a dependent and you’re expecting a newsletter to inform you - the unpaying, ungrateful, free profiter. The level of entitlement here is beyond appalling.

But these devs, they are better people than me. Me, I would have had a few choice words for you. So annoying! :rage:

@Freddie sorry if my previous post made you angry. You’re right, 5 days for fixing a rather high/critical bug is not so bad overall for regular Open Source software. Unthinkable for a business. So, where Jitsi dev/community would like to stand? Only providing great software for individuals, non profit, schools and 0 enterprises/corporations ?
Audio/vidéo is a vital part of many businesses these days in this pandemic context. Many companies are relying on Jitsi now, like mine. I don’t know why Jitsi does not offer a corporate offer, nor consulting/dev services. I paid 2 days of consulting to bootstrap my corporate setup and would have gladly gave my money to the community. I also do free open source software (see my GH profile) and I perfectly know how it could be ungrateful sometimes…
To sum up: I think Jitsi is a great piece of software run by a competent open source team. Though I think being a critical part of many applications, I think there is a need of better communication around these typical errors. I would have expected a blog post telling the world the urge to update the install because of the severity of the problem. That’s all. Sorry If I sounded cocky or patronizing I did not mean it. Best

@Guillaume_Potier I appreciate your maturity in choosing to apologize. Personally, I just feel really bad when people speak negatively of or demand even more from the devs. I’m here often enough to notice how much they give and how hard they try to help everybody. We can’t afford to get carried away with our own demands and in turn demean those efforts.

So, as a possible solution to your point, I’ve been thinking about this for. while too - perhaps some of us can volunteer to help do these quick write-ups/blogs/newsletters whenever there’s an update? I know these guys have to be overwhelmed (and I also know from experience that devs hate doing documentation :joy:). So, maybe one way to bridge this gap would be for some of us to volunteer? I’ve been meaning to join the community call to offer some help in this area, but I never seem to catch them (the community calls). But yeah, if a bunch of us can volunteer, we can perhaps have more documentation (and communications) available. Personally, I feel it’s the very least I can give back for such great service. What do you think?

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